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  1. Stephen M Feldman, AIA

    Dear Joyce,
    While your watercolor landscapes are lovely, your watercolor, pastel and charcoal portraits are amazing. They capture the very essence of the "models";
    especially Taylor, Rebecca and Wilson.
    Most admiringly, Steve

    1. Joyce Hedman

      Dear Steve,
      Thank you for your comments. You remind me of how much I have enjoyed doing portraits in pastel. It is a luscious medium to work in. My next step may be to use that in some landscapes

  2. Dear Joyce;
    Congratulations on your website. I agree with Stephen Feldman about the combination of watercolor, pastel and charcoal. What would that be like with landscapes? Meanwhile.......a lot of work!! Amazing and impressive!! Really great!

  3. Brigitte Bentele

    Absolutely fantastic! I especially love the vibrant colors that you use and the way that you capture light. And what a great photo of you.
    Thank you for sharing so much of your work.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Joyce Hedman

      Thank you so much for your appreciative words. The advantage of assembling a website is seeing how my painting, especially my color has changed over time.
      I am looking forward to seeing your show soon.

  4. Kristine Burke

    Joyce - Your website is wonderful and your paintings are phenomenal. Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful gift.

  5. Joyce Hedman

    I am so glad you like my work. Certainly sharing it is part of assembling a web site. I have taken some time off and now will continue painting and thinking about painting.....

  6. Nancy Eder

    Joyce, it was great fun bumping into you at the Bearden show and going for coffee at the Hungarian Pastry Shop. THEN to find out and SEE that you are a marvelous watercolorist?! WOW. I'm so impressed with the freshness of your images, your beautiful use of color, and appreciate the way you capture the essence of a scene whether it's a boat in the bay or tulips in a jar. I particularly enjoyed the landscapes of Italy. We must get together soon. We seem to have much in common to share.

  7. Joyce Hedman

    Nancy, Thanks for your appreciative comments. You really get my images!

    I loved running into you and finding out you too are an artist. I look forward to seeing your work and spending more time together.

  8. Mary and Sallie

    Joyce - How beautiful. Your watercolors capture the essence of time, place and light in lovely, free brushstrokes , while your portraits are a contrast in character and detail, demonstrating subtle and beautiful color shifts throughout the painting. You are a woman of many talents. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work, and for your advice - which, incidentally, shall be followed! We look forward to seeing you next year, and all the work you'll create between now and then.
    Mary and Sallie


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